Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Many people have extra arm fat.  The extra arm fat can look unattractive and make people too self-conscious to wear sleeveless outfits, even in the hottest of summer days.  It is possible to slim down your arm fat, and tone them to make them look more sexy.  You can lose the arm fat, and be more confident with the right diet and exercise.
Strength training is the best way to develop muscles on your arms.  You might be thinking that you don't want to build muscles, but lose arm fat.  The thing is, you have to tone your arm muscles if you want to lose the arm fat.  You can have sleek looking arms that are not too muscular, but have a sexy shape to them.  The truth of the matter it, toning your muscles will only aid in the fat loss, and if you do it properly, your arms will not be too bulky in the end.
As a part of your strength training routine, you should incorporate exercises that tone the bicep, tricep, and shoulder muscles.  By targeting your arms from every angle, you will burn the arm fat around you whole arm, and send your body the signal to store fat in another place.  Many people work on their biceps and triceps, but fail to work out their shoulders. It is very important to strengthen and tone your shoulders, if you want truly sexy arms with little arm fat.  Even if you feel that you arm fat is concentrated in one part of your arm, you should work on all of the major arm muscles groups.  It is serve as a more effective method of burning arm fat, and will improve the overall look of your arms.
There are several different arm exercises that you can do.  Push-ups are an excellent strength training exercise for your whole arm.  Dumbbell curls target your biceps, and tricep dumbbell kickbacks target your triceps.  You can also do bench dips to work your triceps.  Barbell extensions are also good for working the biceps.  With each of these exercises, make sure that your back is not being strained.  You should never slouch or curl you back while you are lifting any kind of weights.  Even if you are using lighter weights, make sure that you are using the proper form.
Aerobic activity is an excellent arm fat burning method.  You should also make sure that you are doing aerobic activity on a regular basis to burn away extra body fat.  To benefit the most from your aerobic activity, in terms of losing arm fat, perform a light amount of strength training for your arms before and after your aerobic workout.  This will cause those areas to burn more than they would if you just did the aerobic activity alone.  You should not do a full strength training routine, because you will be using your arms during your aerobic workout.  Cut the usual repetitions in half, ad then do the aerobic activity.
There is no exact science that will help you to simply lose arm fat alone.  The best thing that you can do is make sure that you give attention to your arm fat, and make sure that you exercise your whole body.  Your heart pumps faster and burns more fat when you are working more than one muscle group.  If you start to lose arm fat, you will probably notice that other areas will slim down as well.  Reducing the overall amount of fat in your body is a good thing, so go for it.  Just know that there aren't any magical arm fat eliminating workouts.


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