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macaroons-bile la aku nak pandai buat..

macaroons...sedapnyer..bile laa nak pandai buat ni...tapi tak pernah try lagi dah cakap tak pandai..hehe...sape2 yg pandai buat or teringin nak ade recipe utk 

korang..dah buat nnt jgn lupe bagi i rase..ok..;p

How to make macarons:

Macarons are a French delicacy I am completely crazy about. Since I can’t always be in Paris close to my favorite pastry-chef, Pierre Hermé, I have decided to make my own. It’s not an easy task, and it needs a lot of patience. I learned how to make them in Paris, but when I came back I searched around the internet for some recipes providing the perfect ratios. I learned the hard way that macarons are capricious little wonders: add a bit of this or that, and your delicate balance tips over; I’ve seen my share of overbaked, flat, cracked or overinflated numbers coming out of my oven. No recipe is universal, and the most important thing is to go slow. Try cautiously with your own instruments, ingredients and oven. You will have to try more than once before achieving perfection. If they were so easy to do, wouldn’t everyone make them?
How to Make Macarons 01
When I was looking around for recipes, I found plenty but few had illustrated steps to guide you through what’s OK or not in terms of texture, color and result. Since you can’t always have an experienced teacher showing you the first time, I figured I would allow you to benefit from my apprentissage and help you get to a happy result more quickly.
No single source can be given as a base for my recipe. I have gathered dozens left and right, tested and tasted and ended with my own proportions. Now I (almost) always make them successfully, so this is a good base to start with. I will guide you through the rest.
Macarons: Basic RecipeThese ingredients will make the cookies. This is the base and what’s hardest to master. You should try to successfully bake a couple recipes of basic macarons before trying to mix in other flavors.
3 egg whites (from large eggs), separated at least 24 hours in advance and kept in the refrigerator
210 g powdered sugar
125 g almond meal
30 g regular granulated sugar
What you need – equipment:It’s best to gather all the equipment you really need before starting. Yes, I did have to buy some of these tools before making my first macarons. The good thing is that none of the following tools are specific to making macarons so your new gadgets will help you make many other great desserts. Please, do take this excuse and go shopping. :)
Kitchen scale (yes, you do have to measure in grams, it’s more precise)
Food processor (really nice to have but not mandatory)
Hand or stand mixer with whisk accessory (mandatory unless you’re very courageous and/or strong)
Sifter or fine sieve
Big stainless steel bowl (cul-de-poule)
Another big mixing bowl
Pastry bag and round tip (1/2 to 3/4 inch opening)
Large baking sheets, preferably 2 to 4 of them
Parchment paper
Various food color (liquid, gel or powder are all good)
A couple of days before you plan to make your macarons: Prepare your eggs. Separate them, putting the whites in a clean airtight container and reserving the yolks for another use. Now, your egg whites must “age”: they need to spend at least 24h (up to 5 days) in the refrigerator before you use them.
The morning of the day you plan to make your macarons: Take your egg whites out of the refrigerator and leave them to temper at room temperature for several hours.
Making the cookies:
Measure the powdered sugar and almond meal and put them in the bowl of your food processor. Finely grind the two together for a minute or two. Stop the processor, scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl, and process again for a minute.
Yes, you need to do this even though both ingredients are already powdered. This step blends the sugar and nuts perfectly together and gets rid of bigger bits that often remain in packaged almond meal.
You can grind your own almonds, just make sure they are peeled. And that you very finely grind them (add the powdered sugar to the almonds when they are coarsely ground to make sure you don’t end up with a paste).
If you don’t have a food processor, you can still make macarons, but make sure to really thoroughly blend the almonds and sugar together. The consequence is that the texture of your macarons won’t be as soft and smooth.
After processing the powdered sugar and almond meal, you have to sieve the mixture. This is really important (especially if you don’t have a food processor) as it will get rid of the remaining bigger bits and ensure a smooth batter. You will see some of the almond refuses to pass though your sieve (see picture below). Don’t try to force it through; it’s ok to throw it away. The quantity shouldn’t be significant enough to unbalance your recipe.
Here’s what I generally have left after I sieve half of my almonds-sugar mixture:
How to Make Macarons 02
Set this bowl aside and take your bigger stainless steel bowl out. This kind of bowl is called a cul-de-poule in French and they are so useful in a kitchen that, if you don’t have one already, you simply really should invest in a couple of them (different sizes). Stainless steel bowls helps egg whites get fluffy and firm.
Make sure your bowl is cold. Stainless steel usually remains cold by itself, but if it’s not, rinse it under cold water (or stick it in the freezer for a couple of minutes) and dry it before continuing. A cold bowl also makes egg whites happy.
Make sure your granulated sugar is measured and close to your working area. Put your egg whites in the bowl. Start beating them at medium/high speed with your mixer. Once they start to get bubbly and white and you see your whisk is lightly leaving marks, add a tablespoon of the granulated sugar. Continue beating and add the remaining sugar slowly over the next minute or two. Your eggs will now be white and fluff but not stiff enough. Continue beating at high speed until peaks form and remain up when you take out your whisk (stop your mixer before trying this!). When the egg whites are ready, you’ll notice that they seem dense and creamy and not as bubbly anymore. Here’s what they look like:
How to Make Macarons 03
Now is the time to put your electric appliances aside. Your egg whites are delicate and you must treat them gently. If you wish to add color, now is the time to do so. I made lemon macarons. I added 15 drops of yellow liquid food coloring and the very finely grated zest of one lemon. Gently fold in the color using a spatula: slide your spatula on the side of the bowl under the egg whites and bring the bottom up to the top. Repeat this until the color is evenly blended. Now is not the time to be in a hurry: DO NOT whisk at any cost as it will deflate your egg whites and your batter will be ruined. At this point, the color of your batter (if you added food coloring) should be at least as intense as you want the final macaron to be. It will intensify and brighten a bit when you add the almonds/sugar mixture.
The batter is now matte, light and fluffy:
How to Make Macarons 04
Continuing your folding motion, start mixing in your dry ingredients a little at a time(you should add the whole thing in 4 or 5 additions). Carefully blend everything together, always sliding your spatula to the bottom of the bowl and back up to make sure no pockets of dry ingredients remain.
When your batter is evenly blended, it will look shiny and creamy:
How to Make Macarons 05
Prepare your baking sheets. Set them side-by-side on a table and cover each with a well-measured sheet of parchment paper. I have tried silicon mats before and I don’t think they work well with macarons. Their rubbery texture seems to cling to the delicate and somewhat sticky cookies so that you more often than not end up with empty shells (the tender insides remaining stuck to the silicon).
Now is the time to fit your pastry bag with its tip. I like to use disposable pastry bags that I wash 3-4 times before getting rid of them. I find that plastic pastry bags are more flexible and easier to work with than textile bags. They are also really easy to clean just by letting hot water run through them and they don’t stain.
To make the transfer from bowl to pastry bag easy, I stand my pastry bag in a measuring cup, folding or twisting the tip to make sure the batter doesn’t come out too quickly. If your pastry bags are long, fold it in half to make sure the batter gets to the bottom of the bag.
How to Make Macarons 06
How to Make Macarons 07
Take your bag out of the cup, keeping the tip folded or twisted so that the batter doesn’t come out. Unfold the larger end of the bag and twist it shut close to the batter to push it down. As you lay your macarons on the cooking sheets, you will continue this motion (twisting the larger end of the bag with one hand) to put constant pressure on the batter and ease its way out on the sheets.
Now is the time to work your magic: you have to hold the tip of your bag with one hand to guide it, and hold the larger end with your other hand to push the batter down. Place your tip close to the parchment paper and twist the end of the bag so as to push the batter down and out to form 1 to 1.5” disks. You can set your macarons pretty close together as they won’t expand while cooking. When enough batter is out, stop twisting the end of the bag and swiftly lift your tip up to stop the batter from coming out. This is tricky: you will need practice. Mastering this technique will ensure your macarons are uniform in size and round.
How to Make Macarons 08
Now, don’t panic. Your macarons have a pointy tip that makes them look like lazy Hershey’s Kisses. Not to worry: as they rest before cooking, they will smooth out. You can help them though: lift your baking sheet up a bit and firmly bang it on the table a couple of times. This will even the caps and take the air bubbles out of them.
If you’re a perfectionist like I am, now is a good time to edit your macarons to make sure they will be perfectly round. I use a small silicon spatula to make oval caps round or smooth down tips that won’t come down. This step is absolutely not mandatory; imperfection can be very charming.
The next step will once again test your patience: you have to let your macarons rest on the baking sheets at room temperature for at least 20 minutes (some say a couple hours is best but I’m not that patient). You just have to. This step will “dry” the caps and help them rise later when they cook.
How to Make Macarons 09
Halfway through the wait, preheat your oven between 275 and 300°F (135-150°C). Every oven behaves differently. I have a gas oven and 300°F (150°C) is generally good for me. In some ovens, this temperature can be too hot, especially for light-colored macarons (you don’t want them to brown). I prefer to play it safe, cook them at a lower temperature and leave them longer in the oven. You will have to test your own oven and stay close to it to watch over your macarons as they cook.
I baked these lemon macarons at 300°F (150°C) for 14 minutes. Your cooking time could be anywhere between 13 and 18 minutes. From 12 minutes on, watch closely, and avoid opening your oven door before that. Your macarons are ready when they look dry and matte and seem firm on their crown when you lightly tap on them. Overcooking the macarons will make them too crunchy and feel like meringue. Undercooking them will make them separate when you try to lift them off the sheets. I know, it’s tricky! After a while, you will know your oven and get better at figuring when your macarons are done. In any case, please play it safe when setting your oven temperature. Excessive heat is the macaron’s worst enemy: they will cook too quickly, cracking like meringue and browning, hiding their beautiful color.
When they are done, take the sheets out of the oven and let them cool on a rack. If you need to reuse your baking sheets for the next batch, let them cool 5-10 minutes in the baking sheet and then lift the parchment paper out of the sheet to set it directly on the cooling rack (this is why it’s good to have more than 2 sheets).
Once cooled to room temperature, your macarons are ready to be assembled.
How to Make Macarons 10
When they are perfectly cooked, they should lift easily from the parchment paper, have a flat bottom and a beautiful puffy crown. If they stick a bit, help them up with a thin stainless steel spatula so that they don’t separate or break. If they’re a bit overcooked, they will be hollow under the cap. You can still use them, you’ll just have to put more cream to assemble them (yum!).
Match the cap sizes that fit best together. For the filling, the possibilities are as great as your imagination is. For lemon macarons, you can fill them up with lemon curd as I did, or with a lemon-flavored buttercream. If you made pink cookies, fill them up with good-quality raspberry preserves or, if you feel decadent, with a mixture of mascarpone cheese and preserves. The only thing that’s important is to make sure the filling is firm enough to not drip out from the macarons. A great macaron should be able to stand on its side and not lose its filling.
Using an icing spatula (or just a regular butter knife) spread your icing on one cookie. Place the other cookie on the icing and press gently to stick them together.
Once all of your macarons are assembled, in an ideal world, you would put them in an airtight container, in the refrigerator and let them rest for another 24 hours. Yes, you need patience once again. They won’t be bad if you eat them right away. Letting them rest with their icing in really reveals the fine texture of the macaron. The humidity of the icing will get into the crispy caps and that’s what will make them crisp on the outside and so tender on the inside. Try to be patient, trust me, it’s really worth the wait. The good thing is that it’s a great dessert to make in advance and it will for sure impress your guests. They will be at their best if you eat them in the next 4-5 days.
Yes, these French cookies are a really fancy delicacy. No, they’re not easy to make. Yes, they require time, patience and practice to master. But it’s worth it really, and less expensive than a plane ticket to Paris.
How to Make Macarons 11

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mimpi pelikku

haaa inilah meal aku arini.sebenarnye tadi aku dah tulis panjang2 sekali hp hang..boleh!!..haih...mlm tadi aku tido lambat ..dlm kul 4 pagi..buat asgmnts yg masih bertimbun.tapi alhamdulillah design seminar done!yeaaaa...lepas satu will be --> thesis..haih..malas nak mengarang..

anyways..aku nk citer pasal mimpi yg pelik..lecturer kacak yg bg asgmnt..tajuk asgmnt 'rumah tu'..yerp..tu aku pon mengarang la design interior rumah tu.masa aku bg kat die.die cakap aku bodoh sbb aku patut bgtau camne nk ke rumah tu.tu jawapan yg betul..confuse?!aku pon ..pastu die bg aku ikan masak sambal.aku pon rasa laa..die ckp kat class 'tgk class..tak tanye sape masak,mana dpt,letak ape..terus makan ..kalau ade racun' ..aik.. bertambah confuse aku...ape la maknenye mimpi aku tu kan

pastu ..mlm tadi hujan lebatt gile..scary.tapi sbb ngantuk sgt2..aku hanya mengucap byk kali sambil tido..pelik..hurm...

n aku sakit tekak n demam arini..tak demam
sgt laa..but tekak ni..kacau betul laa..tak sker tak sker tak sker...

owhh gambar tu gambar ape yg opah chu masak arini..n aku tak makan itu je laa makanan aku ..mlm tak tau nk makan ape.perut dh lapar dh ni...:)
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The Top 7 Multitasking Beauty Products

The Top 7 Multitasking Beauty Products
Here’s a no-brainer: If you could tweak your beauty regimen to clear the clutter out of your bathroom cabinets, spend less time getting ready in the morning and trim some dollars from your budget -- all the while helping the environment -- would you be willing to give it a go?
Well, all that is possible by following a concept we’ve become very familiar with: multitasking. Choosing products that perform double -- or triple -- duty is a way to make your beauty regimen more eco-conscious, says Jenny Rushmore, global sustainability leader for Procter & Gamble’s beauty and grooming division. Priorities include reducing, reusing and recycling -- is a catchy reminder of what our priorities should be when it comes to cutting back on waste. “What this means is that recycling is what you do after you’ve already reduced and reused,” says Rushmore. “It’s better not to buy bottled water than to recycle the water bottle, and that same idea applies to beauty products. Reducing the number of products you buy is the best place to start a more eco-friendly beauty regimen.”
Here are seven hardworking beauty products you can easily find on your drugstore shelves.
1. Shampoo-conditioners
These two-in-one formulas will help speed up your showers -- saving an average of 5 gallons of water for every minute you cut from your shower time -- and cut down on packaging. Best of all: Now you can find these double-duty wonders in formulas customized to add volume to fine hair, smooth frizz-prone locks or manage curls.
2. Razors With Built-in Shave Gel
All you’ll need to add is water to get your legs silky smooth. As convenient as that is at home, it’s especially helpful when it comes to getting a close shave when you’re traveling. No need to pack the shave cream: Simply toss a razor with a shave gel bar in your toiletry case.
3. Self-tanning Moisturizing Lotions
Add a glow to your skin as you soften and hydrate it -- without the orange streaks that conventional self-tanners can sometimes leave. To maximize multitasking, choose a facial or body formula with SPF 15.
4. Makeup Foundation With Benefits
Slash your beauty budget and your get-beautiful prep time with a foundation that also treats your skin with anti-acne or anti-aging ingredients, such as youth-restoring antioxidants, peptides, retinols and breakout-busters like salicylic acid.
5. Moisturizing Body Washes
Try these lathering marvels and you can step right out of the shower and into your clothes without having to pause to slather on a hydrating lotion. (Okay, a few seconds spent patting yourself dry with a towel is advisable.) Some advanced products also contain anti-aging ingredients that make fine lines less visible by improving skin’s elasticity, tone and texture.
6. Facial and Body Moisturizers With Sunscreen
With broad-spectrum SPF 15 or 30, these lotions provide the daily sun-shielding protection that dermatologists recommend. You can find formulas that are fast-absorbing and have a lightweight texture, so you’ll never be tempted to skip the sunscreen again. In fact, some facial UV moisturizers are so silky they provide the perfect canvas for your foundation, allowing you to skip the primer. Another step saved!
7. Baby Wipes
If these aren’t in your beauty arsenal, they should be. Unscented, hypoallergenic wipes are a gentle, portable and low-priced makeup remover that will baby your sensitive skin. Cold-weather tip: Stash a packet in your purse or toiletry case during cold and flu season so it’ll be within easy reach for on-the-go hand cleansing.

oppss terlebih sudah..


haaa agak2 sedap ke takk kalau pinggan dah macam tu..haaa..jawab jgn tak jawabb!!sedappp derrr

for u girlfrens..muahx


ini adalah meal pertama kitaorg..dan itu adalah maisarahhhh..haha..kedai D'One Steak kat section 7 shah alam ni baru pon takde kitaorg yg tgh lapar sgt ni dah tak tau nk gi mana ..saje laa try tempat baru ni.tempat die not bad but rasa makanan die tak tau lagi.bau die sedap..tapi rasaa..haaaa mari try.hehe..beta makan lamb chop arini..sila2

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for u girlfrens..muahx


neutral eyes

Neutral eyes are best for daytime at the office, school and so on. It's also great to wear the first time you meet your significant other's parents and any time you want a polished, professional look. Neutral eyes are just meant to enhance your eyes, not add a ton of color.

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semak otak


ini aktiviti mai di rumah ku di klang ..aku masih tak dpt ape yg die cuba buat..korang rasa??..:)..happy saturday everyone..di klang ni gloomy2 gitu.hujan masih lagi dr pagi tp dh rintik2 aje kelihatan.bantal pon macam memanggil2..takleh2..tu smer nafsu..wat sumthing nurul..melukis cam mai mungkin?!..hurm

Thursday, April 14, 2011

kemalasan yg terover

hari ade class pon bosan takde class lagi la bosan kan. keje byk gile tapi mls nyeee la nak buat. knp laa malas ni wujud kan.kalau tak wujud kan aman damai sikit.mesti takde keje yg tak siap..takde brg yg bertangguh..takde tempat yg kotor..pendek kate takde yg negative laa..smer jadi senang je...masalah pon kurang kan.badan pon takde la senang naik.aku tk ckp laa malas tu utk org gemuk je.yg kurus pon ade yg mls kan.malas makan.malas masak.malas bgn tido.. pon tk elok jugak...jadi tk sihat ceramah plak..haha..aku nk cakap pasal malas aku je sebenarnye..tah laa kadang2 rajin terlebih..kdg2 dtg mls.ya Allah tak hengat..arini patutnye aku kene gi interview kat tah mana tah.kat kl laa tapi.aku yg beriya antar dh pgl taknak pergi plak.aku bg alasan class smpi mlm.haha..bukan aku malas pasal ape.ok laa cuti sem ni sampai 5 bln.aku igt nk cr keje part time mane2..keje yg aku apply ni jadi usherer event .event tu 3 hari je..n bulan 6 nnt..pasal tu aku interview die sekarang.mmg malas laa dah laa jauh.keje dh la byk.walaupun tak buat.tapi kang pegi2 pastu kalau tak dpt?buang ms aku jee kan..lain la kalau eh abis exam kan...betul tak aku cakap.pastu org tu leh reply nnt resheadule balik interview.haih nak sgt ke aku yg jd usherer tu..motif!.. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

semak otak


my room n hell

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Many people have extra arm fat.  The extra arm fat can look unattractive and make people too self-conscious to wear sleeveless outfits, even in the hottest of summer days.  It is possible to slim down your arm fat, and tone them to make them look more sexy.  You can lose the arm fat, and be more confident with the right diet and exercise.
Strength training is the best way to develop muscles on your arms.  You might be thinking that you don't want to build muscles, but lose arm fat.  The thing is, you have to tone your arm muscles if you want to lose the arm fat.  You can have sleek looking arms that are not too muscular, but have a sexy shape to them.  The truth of the matter it, toning your muscles will only aid in the fat loss, and if you do it properly, your arms will not be too bulky in the end.
As a part of your strength training routine, you should incorporate exercises that tone the bicep, tricep, and shoulder muscles.  By targeting your arms from every angle, you will burn the arm fat around you whole arm, and send your body the signal to store fat in another place.  Many people work on their biceps and triceps, but fail to work out their shoulders. It is very important to strengthen and tone your shoulders, if you want truly sexy arms with little arm fat.  Even if you feel that you arm fat is concentrated in one part of your arm, you should work on all of the major arm muscles groups.  It is serve as a more effective method of burning arm fat, and will improve the overall look of your arms.
There are several different arm exercises that you can do.  Push-ups are an excellent strength training exercise for your whole arm.  Dumbbell curls target your biceps, and tricep dumbbell kickbacks target your triceps.  You can also do bench dips to work your triceps.  Barbell extensions are also good for working the biceps.  With each of these exercises, make sure that your back is not being strained.  You should never slouch or curl you back while you are lifting any kind of weights.  Even if you are using lighter weights, make sure that you are using the proper form.
Aerobic activity is an excellent arm fat burning method.  You should also make sure that you are doing aerobic activity on a regular basis to burn away extra body fat.  To benefit the most from your aerobic activity, in terms of losing arm fat, perform a light amount of strength training for your arms before and after your aerobic workout.  This will cause those areas to burn more than they would if you just did the aerobic activity alone.  You should not do a full strength training routine, because you will be using your arms during your aerobic workout.  Cut the usual repetitions in half, ad then do the aerobic activity.
There is no exact science that will help you to simply lose arm fat alone.  The best thing that you can do is make sure that you give attention to your arm fat, and make sure that you exercise your whole body.  Your heart pumps faster and burns more fat when you are working more than one muscle group.  If you start to lose arm fat, you will probably notice that other areas will slim down as well.  Reducing the overall amount of fat in your body is a good thing, so go for it.  Just know that there aren't any magical arm fat eliminating workouts.


How to Lose Wrist, Hand, Finger and Thumb Fat Fast

Some people have thicker wrists than others and it's just a simple fact.  There are some exercises for your wrists that can help to strengthen them, however, some people will always have slightly thicker wrists due to bone structure.  Your fingers and thumbs are also sized by your bone structure.  Sometimes, by losing weight, our wrists, fingers, and thumbs get smaller.  Rings and bracelets will fit a little looser.  That is quite normal, and it does happen.  Here are some things that you can do to lose wrist fat, finger fat, and hand fat.
The most sure way to lose fat is to eat less food and exercise more than you do now.  It is easier said than done, but it does work if you set your mind to it.  Overall weight loss will begin to shrink down even your wrist fat and finger fat.  Engaging in more physical activity is key in weight loss, as well as reducing your overall calorie intake.  You can't simply work out your hands and expect them to shrink, but you can tone them and strengthen them.
There are some easy practical ways to give your hands and wrists exercise.  Typing can work each one of your fingers.  You can download a free typing tutor or take typing speed tests online to keep your fingers moving.  Typing does burn calories, believe it or not.  The faster you type, the more calories you will burn.  You might find that you lose hand fat if you type everyday.  Make sure that you have to proper form, as you could develop carpal tunnel syndrome.
To exercise your wrist, you can use a door knob or a screwdriver.  Place a firm grip on either one of these items and turn several times.  You can switch hands and keep going until your wrists feel a little tired.  Don't overdo it, though.
Make a fist.  Squeeze your fist tightly, and slowly release one finger at a time.  Repeat this action 5 to 10 times.  This will strength your hand muscles.
There are also some actual exercises that you can do for your wrists.  These are more advanced, and if your wrists are not strong enough, you could hurt them, so be careful.
Wrist extensions are done with a barbell.  Sit down with your forearms resting on you thighs.  Grip the barbell with your palms facing downward.  Now, using your wrists, lower the barbell so that your hands are in a hanging position.  Bring the barbell back to the starting position.  Repeat this exercise until your wrists feel tired.
Push-ups can also help to strengthen wrists.  So, do some push-ups.
Make sure that you warm up your wrists before you do any of these exercises.  You should rotate your hand in a circular motion a few times, and then rotate it again in the opposite direction.  You can also stretch the wrist and hand muscles by interlacing your fingers and extending your arms out in front of you.   To stretch your wrists and hands a bit more, you can gently push back your fingers with your opposite hand, and then gently push back your thumb.  You should not push hard, because you will strain the muscles on your wrist and hands.
It is also important to make sure that you give your wrists and fingers to proper rest in between workouts.  Your hands do a lot more work than your realize, so remember to treat them like any other muscle in your body and give them a break.  If you feel pain or stain during any of the exercises, you should stop right away.  Remember, you can lose wrist fat, hand fat, and finger fat if you lose weight overall.