Monday, October 13, 2014

Cara Nak Renew International Passport Yang Sudah Tamat Tempoh #Expired #InternationalPassport

Assalammualaikum wbt everyone.

It had been awhile now..Hope everyone is doing good.. I am doing very fine Alhamdulillah...still fighting with this dunya just like everyone else..:)

Today I would like to talk about the procedure on how to renew your international passport . But I'm not gonna talk about the normal human being way of renewing their passport, I will talk about clumsy people who are too irresponsible to even place their passport at a specific place. I am talking about me..not anyone else. I have to admit I misplace my International passport. Thank you very much. And all i remember is, the passport has already expired. And Thank you God for that , because the procedure of lost and expired passport is similar to the normal procedure of renewing your passport.

So first of all , there is no such thing as making a police report first before renewing your passport. I mean if you misplace it, but if you passport got stolen etc..yes you do need a police report if  you still can use it , which mean not yet expired. Next, you just go to the counter, tell them ' I lost my passport' ..they will ask you ' is it expired?' say yes..and they will give you your registration number.. follow the procedure (register new passport 2 years - RM100 or 5 years -RM300) ..make the payment and wait for one hour and your passport is ready !..yeaa...and now you can go travel the world..(if you have the money of course..:D) 

I would suggest 5 years renew, because for me, I travel like approximately once a year, so if I take 2 years my third time of travelling I need to renew again..and the book is still fun...Is that reason even valid??..I dunno..:)

Have a nice day and Salam

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