Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Salam wbt and Good day brothers and sisters..

I am now married to a great guy Mohd Farid Abdul Aziz..Alhamdulillah..I miss writing , going for islamic talks and classes , painting and so many other things ...not that my husband don't allow me to do any of that ..just that my hands are full at the moment..

Working life. I had been working at one of the Architecture Firm in KL for more than one year now time getting older now..28 is where u don't want to jump around acting cute anymore..unless u were born cute..:D..

Diet. Well , after i stopped eating rice for more than three years .. i guess after i went for umrah i started back with rice and now after two years i guess i need to start watching over my weight ...pfffttt..never ending story..

inshaAllah will be sharing some stories soon..planning on starting some 'event favors' online business ..make doa for me.. my husband is really good at designing logo and anything to do with graphics..he designed our wedding cards and the whole wedding set...

thinking on starting a business on exclusive custom event graphic design sets..mak aih nama dia..hehek


Qeinz Badarudin said...

hye nurul... kakyong nakn tgk wedding picture boleh ker?

Newrulez Malik said...

hey kak pic ada kat fb byk..kitoarg tgh nak select2 lagi kak yong..knp tak dtg..:(

Qeinz Badarudin said...

ala... nak gi jannah tak nak bawak... ala kakyong tak dapt tgk kat fb.. tak per kang kakyong gi skodeng.. wink wink.. tahniah btw yer... kalau ader kenduri favour tuh kirim2 ler